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At last here it is, 'I looked for a practical affordable Model Stand design that would not only cope with the standard 30" foam model but such sizes as 1/5th scale up to 1/3rd scale monsters. Of course the stand has to be practical, versatile, light weight, easy to carry and quick to assemble.'

Welcome to the 'Large Model Stand'.

A three piece stand with a two step easy assembly.

The central pieces being hinged together which fold flat when disassembled. Attached to these are two centrally fitted brackets which allow the sides to easily lay up and are retained by the two screw handles. The central fixing location is the key to its strength. The circular cut outs afford three functions - a lesser wind profile - model restraining points when using bungee hooks etc - light yet strong design though you don't need me to explain that! It all folds flat with strategic cut outs for easy carrying and repositioning of stand when fully assembled with model attached - where practical.

The New Improved LMS -V2 or V2R

We have listened to our customer feedback and the request for thicker tops dual use ends & bigger models. So we have produced the LMS.V2 & R stand:

  • Improved strength by Increasing the stand side thickness from 9mm to12mm. Maintains the new design and is both stable strong and more practical.

  • Dual use with reversible ends.

  • Cut outs in the central section for less wind resistance and aid to bungee restraints, lightness!

  • Tri Assembly for models which prefer a flat resting surface & those that prefer a cut out ie. one end cut out the other end flat or both flat or both with cut out.

  • Two Yellow M8 x 30mm Hand wheels resilient to oil and grease.

  • Tip - Aids Finding A Models Centre of Gravity A Breeze.

  • LMS-V2 Has a smooth Finish.

  • LMS-V2R Has a Rough Finish- Different Material Slightly Lighter.

All backed with our own Fuel proofing Nitro/Petrol method for RC use.

The add-on cut out kit LMSK is still available for those that require a top resting surface greater than 12mm up to 30mm!

Available formats - One Size:

1. LMS - 1    X 9mm Sided Natural wood grain finish and fuel proofed - Ready to Go.
2. LMS - 2    X

Primed, painted and fuel proofed.



3  LMS -V2 & V2R 12mm Sides smooth finish and fuel proofed - Ready to Go.
4. LMSK    

As requested for larger models  - Removable tops to distribute the weight to surface area ie standard tops 12mm. With LMSK up to approx. 30mm. Suits standard supplied foam tops.







Weights -

 Centre length: 30" (custom size available)  9mm thick
 Ends: width (widest point) - 22"  12mm thick
 height - 30"


 Larger models add-on kit for resting with 30mm tops.


 LMS-V2  Fully Assembled  approx. 8.5 Kg

 Carried in two parts:

  • Sides    -    (2pcs) - 5.5kg
  • Centres -    (1pcs) - 3  kg


LMS-V2R  Fully Assembled  approx.   7Kg

  • Sides    -    (2pcs) - 4kg
  • Centres -    (1pcs) - 3kg




  • Great practical stand.... Anon.
  • love the way it folds flat for carrying.... Anon.
  • It looks bulky but when I realised how it broke down in two easy steps.... Anon.
  • Great strong design.... Anon.
  • Works great with my large collection of ARTF's - the ground is for Rabbits!.... Anon.
  • Perfect on my large Ultimate and Synergy N9 Heli.... Anon.
  • Sven from Norway - What a great stand I also use it in my work shop, great idea.... Anon.
  • Quality Kit - UK.... Anon.
  • Great Product, Great Service, thanks.... Anon. - Netherlands.
  • Reversible Stand Great idea.....Anon - Spain
  • Great aid, laid on side for testing Centre of Gravity on my large Jets....Angelo - Italy
  • I bought the V1 and liked it, bought the V2 - even more practical - like the idea.... Anon.
  • My Husband is really pleased with it and said how easy it was to put together, and it's just what he needed for his models, Thank you once again.....Pauline - Norfolk.
  • Excellent idea, a truly multi function and reversible model stand... Angus - Scottish Highlands.


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  Large Model Stand -  Prices/Purchase

Fully Assembled

Fully Assembled

Slim line-folded to carry

Light Weight & Easily Relocated.

Well Balanced

More than just a stand!


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