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Please note that these items are sold as is and marked as either "Used or New & Unused" as end of line stock & without warranty ie no returns.

However, we only sell credible items quality tested for conformity & function prior to shipping. We are not going to put our good name against any faulty products!






Battery Charger

Input Voltage: 11~17v
Circuit Power: Max Charge: 50W / Max Discharge: 5W
Charge Current Range: .1~6.0A
NiMH/NiCd Cells: 1~15
LiIon/LiPoly Cells: 1~6
Pb battery Voltage: 2~20v
Weight: 355g
  ACCUCELL Original

Not a Copy.

Contents as pictured.



ACCUCELL Original Not a Copy contents complete as pictured.


Charge Plugs Built In:

JST-XH, compatible with Zippy, HXT, TURNIGY and any battery pack fitted with a JST-XH lead.

                           12v Operation.






Turnigy Accucell-6   

50W 6A






Sorry Out of StockSold





Original Scale Piper PA 38 Tomahawk Π

Accident Damaged

but Repairable.

Plans - Servos - Nearly New Engine.

Rare Model No longer Available....




Purchase Includes Nearly New ASP S52 (.52cu in)

Wingspan 1830mm

Flying Weight 8lb's





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Nearly New / Used



Grab a bargain - Some New - Marked as Nearly New!

Sold as Nearly New / used /some used for engine testing only...


Nearly New     Slightly Used     Used



Props 2 Props 3 Props 4
  Props 5 Props 6  


You will receive your chosen item as pictured.

 All Usable






 Nearly New / Used



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Morley Bell 47g

Scale Helicopter



Original Morley Bell plus Original Morley Spinning Gyro - Fully Operational.


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Sorry Out of Stock






DX7 SPM2712E

Fully Operational

 Manual & Box with 2000 NiMh battery.

No Receiver or servos supplied.

Selected: Mode 2


Used - An Original Product!

Original Image on box 


Sorry Out of Stock Sold



Futaba T6XAs

Aircraft System



Fully Operational

 Manual & Box.

No Receiver or servos supplied.

Selected: Mode 2

Traditional 35Mhz

Full Range




Used - An Original Product!\


Little  Used

In Perect Working Order.

Vsn. Special Limited Edition



Original box & Manual 

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40cc Petrol Engine

Nearly New USED

 - Just Run In!

Sold ready to go with all fixings as pictured.

Delivered by carrier 6.00



In perfect working order. 

4mm HT Fixing Bolts supplied with 'Buy Now' only - state length required.

Convert to Electronic Ignition Project!





Nearly New USED


 In Superb Condition




Buy Now  0.00

Sorry Out of Stock









 Complete Glow Engine Mount


 Assembles in Two Pieces with central holes for a nose leg if required and Manufactured pre-drilled Firewall mounting holes.



60 - 120 Size Glow Engines











 Complete Wing Skin Sleave




Complete Heat Shrink Wing Covering Slips on like a sock.

Shrinks up to 50% across chord and up to 10% linearly

Light weight. Weather resistant, Seamless.

Dimensions: 9" x 72"













 Engine Firewall -

Isolation Mounts



Isolation mounts Easy Assembly.

Fitted from the front no blind nuts required.

Simply drill the firewall insert female bolt retainer and that's it.

Suitable for up to 40cc











 Glow Engines


Glow Engine Testing Mount.

Supplied complete as pictured.











Nearly New - Glow Switch

South Herts Models single Cylinder Complete Glow switch.

Sold ready to go with all fixings as pictured.

Glow plug connector complete with fixing ball installed (for glow plug connection)& LED.



Excellent piece of Kit

Compatible with all Glow Plugs.


Complete with instructions for single Glow plugs as pictured.

Battery is in perfect condition 3000mah.  


 Used 3 times in one model.

Works perfectly sold Complete ready to go.

Battery 3000mah cycles perfectly.

Superb Condition







Model Scale Pilots



Used - Original Products painted/ lightweight

A = 17.73g   B = 27.27g    C = 15.84g  



 In Good Condition

1.00 each





Orange - Spectrum

New - Un used

Full Range 7CH.

DSM2 w/failsafe

Rx & Matching Satelite

Compatable with

 DX7 Radios


Chl 1-Throttle
Chl 2-Aileron
Chl 3-Elevator
Chl 4-Rudder
Chl 5-Gear
Chl 6-Flaps
Chl 7-Aux





New - Un used

Un-Used - 7Channel - Original Product as pictured

Sorry Out of Stock Sold

New - Un used

    PackageIncludes x2 pcs:

    Receiver & Satelite + Sbus

OrangeRx R710 (DSM2 Compatible)  Receiver & 1 x Bind Plug & Satelite Rx: R100 Sat.

Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Size: 21x14x2mm
Wire Length: 210mm


RRP 16.22



OrangeRx R910 DSM2 Compatible 9Ch 2.4Ghz TwinPort Rx

Input voltage: 3.7~9.6V.
2 x Satellite port included. TWIN SATELLITE PORTS
1 Port S.BUS OUT - Works with S.BUS servos and GY750.
Failsafe: All channels to bind position at signal loss


Sorry Out of Stock Sold

New - Un used


x2 pcs:

      Receiver & Satelite


RRP 21.00



Pair Tornado 4100 NiMH.

Perfect condition both packs just formalised ie only just reached peak charge capacity of 4100 mah after. 4 cycles each. Not yet fast charged !

New high performance NiMh like these take correct cycles to reach a full charge rate, so now ready for use. Changed model to Lipos!




10.00 (pair)

Sorry Out of Stock Sold



Fuel Tank 20oz

Glow only - Includes Internal Fittings. Tank top loosened for storage No Leaks -

static use only




In Good Condition






Fuel Tank 14oz

Glow only - Includes Internal Fittings. Tank top loosened for storage No Leaks -









Brand New - Unused

20 oz Glow Fuel Tank

Includes Internal Fittings.










Brand New - Unused

2 Stroke Ratio

  Measured Mixing Bottle.

Measured for oil mixing to 1 ltre. Petrol.

Simply add 1 Ltr. Petrol ( Marked)

add 2 stroke oil to required measure for either:

50:1 - 40:1 - 30:1 - 25:1





 Price 4.89


Sorry Out of StockSold



Brand New - Unused

Micro 600TVL

1/4 2.8mm CMOS FPV


170 Degree

Wide Angle Lens

Camera With Sound.

Picture Actual Size





170 Lens

 Price 7.55




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